Ultra Mobile 3 Months $19 Prepaid Plan + Smart SIM Card included.


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$57.00 $43.00

This is a promotional offer for 1 SIM Card including the 3 Months (90 Days) of Service. Subsequent months will incur the full cost of the Plan, $19.

Upon receiving your SIM card, there will be instructions on how to activate your plan in a few simple steps. JUST THAT EASY.

Ultra Mobile 3 Months $19 Prepaid Plan features
  • 500MB 4G LTE DATA
  • Unlock Unlimited 3G Data with 3 Month Plan
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Unlimited Talk & Text Nationwide
  • Unlimited Int’l Talk to 75+ Countries
  • 25% Bonus on INT’L Call Credit
  • $5 One time Rollover INT’L Roaming Credit
  • We do not ship activated SIM Cards

The product is for personal use only.
For business use please contact sales@buyh2oplan.com

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