Ultra Mobile $19 Prepaid Plan

$22.50 $15.50

This is a promotional offer for 1 SIM Card including the 1st Month (30 Days) of Service. Subsequent months will incur the full cost of the Plan, $19.

Ultra Mobile offers a variety of different plans to satisfy anyone’s needs and desires. For more information on each plan’s features please visit https://ultramobile.com/monthly-plans. Once you have purchased your desired plan, sit back and relax, your package will be delivered to your front door. Upon receiving your SIM card, there will be instructions on how to activate your plan in few simple steps. JUST THAT EASY.

$19 Ultra Mobile Plan Features

• Unlimited Talk & Text Nationwide
• Unlimited Int’l Talk to 80+ Countries
• $1.50 International Call Credit
• $5.00 Rollover Roaming Credit
• We do not ship activated SIM Cards

The product is for personal use only.
For business use please contact sales@buyh2oplan.com

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