H2O Wireless Activation Instructions

Activate the SIM Card or PORT Your EXISTING NUMBER

  • DO NOT CALL H2O Wireless – We will Activate the SIM Card for you.
  • The Cell Phone MUST be an AT&T or UNLOCKED GSM Phone.

SEND us an email to: sales@buyh2oplan.com and include your choice from below:

To Activate the SIM Card with A new phone#, send us:

  1. The SIM # , it’s the 20-digit number that starts with 8901
  2. Your 3-digit AREA CODE (if this area code is not available, the system will use another area code for the same area)
  3. City Name
  4. Allow upto 24 hours for the request to complete. We will send you an email with the New Phone#.

To Port Your Existing Number, in your email include:

  1. The SIM # , it’s the 20-digit number that starts with 8901
  2. The Phone number you want to port.
  3. The Current Service Provider
  4. Is the Current Account Under Contract (Yes or No)]
  5. Account Number
  6. Account PIN
  7. Name on the Account
  8. Address on the Account
  9. We will send you an email with the result of the porting process.

All information is REQUIRED and must be complete and accurate

Refer to your service provider’s statement or call their customer support if you have to.  Incorrect or incomplete information will delay or deny the Port In.

The Phone Number you are porting MUST be valid and active at the time of porting.

Allow 2 to 24 business Hours for the Port Process to Complete, process may even take up to 72 hours.  Porting Requests will be submitted to H2O Wireless Monday through Friday ONLY.  No Saturday, Sunday or Holidays processing available.

This is NOT a SIM swap service.  This offer does not apply for transferring a H2O Wireless Phone# to this SIM Card.

If you experience any issues, please contact us at SALES@BUYH2OPLAN.COM BuyH2OPlan