If you are looking how to configure H2O Wireless APN and MMS settings for Android Phones you are in the right place. H2O Wireless offers Unlimted International Plans which lets you call to 50+ International destinations. It also features Unlimited calling and texting Nationwide and it runs on one of America’s most trusted Network – AT&T. The Unlimited Prepaid Plans starts from $20/month and all the Unlimited Plans features data at 4G LTE speed and more.

Follow the instructions below to set up your H2O wireless APN and MMS setting for Android Phones.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Mobile Network

3. Select Access Point Names

4. Select ADD on the right side corner

5. Click on Name

6. Enter MMS or any name you would like and click OK

7. Click on APN, enter Prodata and click OK

8. Click Username, enter none and click OK

9. Click Password, enter none and click OK

10. Click on MMSC, enter http://mmsc.mobile.att.net and click OK

11. Click on Proxy, enter proxy.mobile.att.net and click OK

12. Click on Port, enter 80 and click OK

13. Click on the Authentication type and select none

14. Click on APN type, enter default,supl,mms and press Ok

15. Click on APN Protocol, Select IPv4/IPv6

16. Click the three buttons on the top right side corner and select Save to save your configuration.

17. Go back to Access Point Names and select MMS and your phone should reset your APN settings and update the MMS settings as well.