image of why switch to prepaid plan

Do you ever wonder if you are spending too much money on your phone bill? If so, then you should take a minute and ask yourself what you need from your phone plan and how much you are willing to spend on it.

  1. How much talk time and texting do you need?
  2. Approximately how much data do you use in a month?
  3. Do you need an International calling?
  4. Do you travel a lot and need International roaming?

One way to save on your phone bill is to switch from Contract to Prepaid Plans. There are a lot of benefits involved with Prepaid Plans. Let’s take a look:

Benefits of Prepaid Wireless Plan:

1) No Additional Fees:

You get to choose the amount you are willing to spend per month without having to worry about additional fees. Most wireless providers charge an activation fee and usage overage fees. Prepaid Shark’s Wireless Plans do not have such fees. In fact, we strive on ensuring that you pay only for the monthly plan you signed up for.

Prepaid Plan also provides great flexibility allowing you to cancel your service or switch to another service provider without paying a cancellation fee. Giving you peace of knowing that you can switch carriers anytime.

2) Save More Money:

Prepaid Wireless Plans offer customers a significant discount compared to big brand wireless companies. For example, our H2O Wireless plans start at $20 per month and we even discounted the first month to get you started. For $20 a month you will receive unlimited nationwide talk and text that runs off of the AT&T Network. You will also receive unlimited international talk and text to 50+ countries. If this isn’t enough, the $20 plan includes 500MB of data at 4G LTE speed!

We also carry Ultra Mobile plans that start as low as $19 a month and depending on the different plan offerings it could go as high as $49 per month. The Ultra Mobile $49 plan features unlimited talk, text, and data at 4G LTE speed. This is by far the best plan for those that use lots of internet.

3) Retain your Number:

It is bothersome to most of us that if we switch to Prepaid Wireless we will have to change our cell phone number too. Worry no more because you can retain your number when you switch to our Prepaid Wireless Plan.

4) Coverage You Can Count On

Our Prepaid Wireless Plan runs off the major cellular towers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. Our H2O Wireless plans run off of AT&T allowing you to get the same great service at an affordable price. While our Ultra Mobile plans run off of the T-Mobile towers.

  To conclude with:

I have been using the Prepaid Wireless Plan for about 2 years now and I love the flexibility it offers. I do not have to worry about running out talk, text or data causing me to pay extra fees for overage usage.  Upon switching to H2O Wireless I was able to keep my phone number and cut my cell phone bill in half. I believe that switching to Wireless Plan is a step towards saving and smart spending!