Switching your current cell phone plan to a prepaid plan is fairly simple. However, there are some common mistakes consumers make which can delay the process. We are here to give you a few tips so you can avoid potential headaches and have a positive experience switching carriers.

Before settling for a new cell phone service provider, make sure to:

Find out if your phone is unlocked and compatible with the new carrier It is very important that you verify if your existing phone will work with the new carrier. Many carriers have websites where you can check if the phone will be compatible.

You can try:


If you are still having trouble, please contact customer support at H2O Wireless at 1-800-643-4926.

Any unlocked GSM phone including those from AT&T or T-Mobile would work with H2O Wireless. Phones from Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Verizon, MetroPCS or Boost Mobile are NOT compatible.

Prior to activating a new prepaid plan, your device has to be unlocked. Each carrier has different procedures with unlocking phones. If you have paid your phone off, most of the time carriers are required to unlock it. We recommend calling your current service provider and asking if it is unlocked before taking any other actions.

It doesn’t happen often, but phones can go into a lock mode enabled by your service provider when swapping out SIM cards. The reason behind this; if a phone ever gets stolen it would be disabled when the SIM is exchanged to prevent usage. Calling your carrier before swapping SIM cards can prevent this issue.

Consider your current usage so your new cell phone plan fits well It’s a great idea to pay attention to your cell phone usage from your current service provider. This way you can know what to look for in your next plan. Knowing information such as how many minutes, texts, and the amount of data used is a great way to save money.  Click here to find out how your mobile Data gets used and help conserve Data. 

Check the coverage and reliability of your new carrier’s network I would recommend doing some research about the coverage in your area before switching to a new carrier. You don’t want to pay for a plan that you cannot use to its full potential. In your best interest, eliminate the prepaid service providers that do not cover areas you need.

H2O Wireless uses the AT&T wireless network, which is one of the strongest in our nation. To check the coverage by zip code please click the following link:


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