Let’s talk phone plans. How much of your current phone plan are you using? Monitoring your phone usage from month to month can save you money. There are many mobile plans out there to choose from. The secret to choosing one that’s best for you is figuring out what you need. Examining your talk, text and data habits on your current plan allows you to make smarter financial decisions. Prepaid plans are not only cheaper than contracted wireless plans but they also give you the control you need.
Larger wireless contracted carriers have enormous marketing budgets preventing you from hearing the voices of the smaller prepaid carriers. Larger carriers advertise promotions on handsets that allow customers to get the most up to date phone and pay it off monthly. Consumers tend to feel comfortable paying for their phones monthly within their contracts not knowing it is actually more expensive in the long run. Check out the link below to see how paying up front for an unlocked phone is cheaper than purchasing through a contract.
Although it may appear you are saving money under contract wireless plans it is likely that you are not. Your monthly plans likely cost more than prepaid wireless. Not to mention, the annoying hidden fees that keep popping up on your monthly bills. And let’s say you want to cancel your contract; I hope you’re ready for that hefty fee.
Prepaid cell phone plans allow you the freedom to switch services at your own convenience without any fees. Prepaid plans are all about convenience and affordability. You can keep the same handset and phone number while switching between carriers. If that new phone comes out that you really want, go buy it! Prepaid plans allow you to switch phones whenever you wish just by popping in your SIM card. Never wait again for your contract to expire before you can upgrade your cell phone to the one you really want.
Don’t get stuck in a contract overpaying for your cell phone service. Switch to H2O Wireless today and start saving! Just check out our different plans and see how much you could start saving!

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