You’re interested in a prepaid phone plan, but you’re unsure of how it all works. Monthly contract plans appeal to consumers because they go to the retail store and someone else sets their phone up for them. It’s easy and we don’t have to do much work. However, prepaid cell phone plans are easy too. Knowing how to use the Buy H2O Plan phone services can save you money every month.

To begin, you will need to buy a phone if you don’t already have one. If you have any questions about your phone, please call us at 314-295-9068 or email us at to ask one our H2O Wireless specialist.

After figuring out which phone will be used, you will need an H2O Wireless SIM card to begin using our services. You can go on to search through the various plans and choose one that you think will be the best fit for you. All SIM cards have the first-month plan included. After ordering your SIM, you will receive a SIM card with activation instructions within 5-6 business days.

Once you have received our SIM Card, please make sure to follow instructions on the attached sheet of paper. You will receive instructions on how to activate a new phone number or port an old one. The activation process will take place on our website When you are filling out the activation request make sure to enter the correct information to avoid any activation delays.

After activating your new H2O Wireless Sim Card, you do not have to worry about the 1st month’s payment. That is already included with your purchase and credited at the time of activation.

After your sim card is activated and you like the service that H2O Wireless offers, you can sign up on their website for Auto-Recharge. This way, you will not have to worry about paying your monthly bill, it will come out automatically.

Click on the following link to sign up for Auto-Recharge All you have to do is create an account, set it up, and start saving. You will not only save by lowering the cost of your wireless plan but for those who sign up for auto-recharge will also get an additional 10% discount. The 10% discount begins once you sign up for auto recharge and can begin as soon as your second-month payment. So, the $30 Month Plan will cost you $27.

Signing up for the auto recharge will help you focus on other tasks without worrying about paying your wireless bill every month. If you have any changes you can always log into your H2O Wireless account and update your plan at your own convenience. This is what makes prepaid plans so great.

The freedom and control are in your hands. Never spend more than you need to.

We cover many of the popular questions on our FAQ page, please visit

For any other concerns or questions, please call Buy H2O Plan directly at (314) 295-9068. To purchase our plans, visit

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